LM Vogne is a Danish carriage builder with the traditional
American Buggy as our main product.

The advantage of the Buggy is the very special construction
based on a running gear with reaches and only 2 transversal placed springs,
on which the box is hung.

The construction provides a smooth ride,
long lasting strngth and large diagonally flexibility.

The Buggy was built in the period 1830-1920 for the purpose
of safe personal transport.

Today's Buggy from LM Vogne is being built accordingly to
the original materials and designs.

All the carriages from LM Vogne are complete with wooden wheels,
rollerbearing axels, and solid rubbertire.

Wheels, steambent shafts and reach are built of
finest selected Hickorywood.

All seats are upholstered with buttoned and tufted leather.

On all carriages hydraulic discbrakes are standard
as well as lampholders and steps.

All the 4 wheeled carriages are suitable for single or pair horses.

Your wishes according to size, colour and details
are easily accommodated.

LM Vogne is also supplying all single parts, fittings,
shafts, wheels etc. for American as well as
European carriages.

Please, call, write or visit us.

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